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Middle-East Association on Aging and Alzheimer's

Middle Eastern countries have certain cultural, social and economic characteristics in common with similar aspiration. The percentage of elderly in the Middle East is expected to increase with improvement of the health care delivery in the area. The region, like other developing countries, needs to define the policies and programs that will reduce the burden of aging populations on the society and its economy. There is a need to ensure the availability of health and social services for older persons and promote their continuing participation in a socially and economically productive life. In attempt to answer some of the deficit in the region, the MEAAA was established in order to support various activities in the field of aging and Alzheimer's disease.

Therefore, the Society's objectives are:
• to promote the scientific study of aging in both the biomedical and behavioral/social sciences; by direct members and member organizations, and to promote cooperation among these organizations
• to support the Middle-East journal of Age & Aging
• to promote research and knowledge about Alzheimer's disease and to raise public awareness about the disease
• to stimulate communications among scholarly disciplines, and among professionals including researchers, teachers, administrators, and others;
• to expand education in aging; and to develop the qualifications of gerontologists by setting high standards of professional ethics, conduct, education, and achievement. To promote training of highly qualified personnel in the fields of aging.
• to foster application of research to the field of practice; and to advance the utilization of research in the development of public policy; and to disseminate research findings by means of its publications;
• to promote the interests of the gerontological organizations and individual members in all questions pertaining to foreign or international matters.
• to promote and assist in the arrangements for holding the Middle-Eastern Congress of Gerontology at intervals determined by the Council.

Since its establishment the association was instrumental in organizing the first Middle East congress on Ageing in Istanbul in 2005. The Second Middle East Congress on Ageing and Alzheimer's was organized in Tripoli in 2009 and the third one planned to be organized in Saudi Arabia in 2012. The association has been registered in Switzerland and the secretariat office is at Abyad Medical Center, Tripoli, Lebanon.


Abyad Medical Center - AMC

Abyad Medical Center is a multispeciality group practice with multiple medical and surgical specialties, in addition to specialised unit and services available through the center.The center started in 1997 and established itself as pioneer in providing quality services for the North of Lebanon.
Since its establishment the center has launched a large number of public campaign in the field of osteoporosis, obesity and other important topics for public education.
The Center started as well several regional and international initiatives including :

1. Middle-East Academy for Medicine of Ageing
2. Middle-East Longevity Institute
3. Middle-East Journal of Family Medicine
4. Middle-East Journal of Age & Aging
5. Middle East Journal of Nursing,
6. Middle East Journal of Business,
7. Middle East Journal of Internal Medicine
8. Middle East Journal of Pyschiatry.
9. Middle-East Primary Care Research Network MEPCRN
10. Middle-East Network on Aging
11. Middle East Network on Elderly Care Services MENECS
12. Middle-East Association of Age, Aging & Alzheimer's


Middle East Network on Ageing Research - MENAR

There is a substantial research need in the ageing field in the Middle-East. Research is an essential prerequisite in developing the speciality further in the area, and in developing evidence-based practice. Therefore the Middle East Network on Ageing Research (MENAR) was established. It will be linked to a number of international organizations dealing with elderly issues.

MENAR started in 2006. The aim of the MENAR is to develop Geriatrics and Gerontology Research in the area, in particular to do the following:
1. To build the aging research network to fulfil unmet research needs.
2. To do collaborative research within the area, and with other networks.
3. To lobby for financial support for research in the Aging field from different organisations.
4. To help in the development of research training programmes, and the professional development of family physicians/researchers.
5. To organise conferences that deals with research in Ageing.
6. To establish a number of experts from a multidisciplinary background to act as advisors and mentors.
7. To help in publication of research studies from the region.
8. To foster collaboration between individual physicians, centres and countries within the Region.
9. To help in the exchange of ideas and methodologies in the area.
Currently there are fourteen countries represented in the network in addition to two national networks. The countries involved include Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, Greece, Jordan, Bangladesh, USA, Belgium, Italy
The network has participated in a number of studies.

medi+World International

medi+WORLD International is a publishing house specialising in accredited medical education projects for world doctors. medi+WORLD International collaborates with world organisations, colleges, academies and NGO's to find innovative IT solutions for the health and medical sectors.
World Family Medicine (WFM)
Middle East Journal of Family Medicine (MEJFM)
Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing (ME-JAA)
Middle East Journal of Business (MEJB)
Middle East Journal of Nursing (ME-JN)
Middle East Journal of Internal Medicine (MEJIM)
South Asia Family Medicine Journal (SAFMJ)
Middle East Journal of Psychiatry and Alzheimer's (MEJPA)

They are the leading publishers in the Middle East, with our flagship, MEJFM, attracting circa 500,000 readers per issue/month, with papers from both the region and the world, and a focus on regional and global health issues.

The Middle East medical journals have played an active role in the ongoing development of academic standards and medical practice in the Middle East, through both the journals and participation in and support of regional conferences and events. They enjoy a position of great influence and respect, reflected by our top Regional and International Board who also support a range of social and medical initiatives we have introduced in the region.




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